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Pilla Tax Academy offers the nations leading premium courses to help business owners, tax professionals, and American taxpayers avoid or find solutions to all of their tax problems.


  • Five 1-hour video seminars by Dan personally—discussing the critical things every business owner needs to know ($1,995 value)
  • Book - Dan Pilla's Small Business Tax Guide ($39 value)
  • 15 min Personal Consult with Dan ($89 value)
  • Five written note-taking outlines that follow Dan's presentation ($19 value)
  • 2 Bonus Special Reports ($38 value)
    • Disaster Benefits Under The Tax Code
    • Turn Your Hobby Into A Business
  • 6-Month Trial Subscription to Dan's Newsletter Pilla Talks Taxes ($79 value)

Total value: $2,259

Regular Price: $495

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Business Owners Tax Mastery Course

(For Business Owners & Tax Pros)

More than a half-million new businesses are started every year by creative, energetic people looking to capitalize on their ideas and ingenuity. Unfortunately, only about 3 out of 10 last more than two years, and only about 50% of those make it five years. A key reason small businesses fail is because of IRS problems.


The tax code heaps a mountain of reporting, payment, and compliance obligations on small businesses that most business owners don’t know anything about. In fact, the Government Accountability Office once counted more than 200 distinct obligations placed on the shoulders of business owners. Can you name all 200? Can you name even 20? If not, you need this course. And since the tax code was changed more than 5,900 times just since 2001, you need this course now more than ever.


5 Part Video Course

  1. The 15 Most Common Problems Small Businesses Face
  2. Choose the Business Structure That's Right for You
  3. Tips for Keeping the "Hobby Loss" Rule from Killing Your Deductions
  4. How to Properly Establish and Defend Independent Contractors
  5. Determing Reasonable Compensation for Corporate Officers


In the Business Owners Tax Mastery Course, Dan covers important topics, including:

  • Identifying the 15 most common mistakes small businesses make, and how to avoid them
  • Whether an LLC, Subchapter S corporation or partnership is best for you 
  • Everything you need to know about hiring employees and using independent contractors  
  • How to properly set up and use an office in your home
  • How to avoid the IRS’s costly “hobby loss” rules
  • How to avoid tax penalties that can kill your business
  • How to properly deduct business travel and mileage expenses
  • Understanding the complex new rules for business meals and entertainment expenses
  • Dan’s fool-proof record-keeping system to keep you out of trouble with the IRS
  • Plus much, much more!

It’s not enough to be the creative genius behind your company. You also have to keep your company out of trouble with the IRS. Don’t get clobbered for violating tax rules you never knew existed. If you currently operate or intend to operate your own small business, you need this important new course right now.

Rating: 5 out of 5


  • Five 1-hour video seminars by Dan personally—discussing the critical rights every taxpayer needs to know ($295 value)
  • Dan's Book - The IRS Problem Solver ($16 value)
  • 15 min Personal Consult with Dan ($75 value)
  • Five written note-taking outlines that follow Dan's presentation ($19 value)
  • 2 Bonus Special Reports ($38 value)
    • What To Do If You Can't Pay Your Taxes On Time
    • Know Your Hidden Rights
  • 6-Month Trial Subscription to Dan's Newsletter Pilla Talks Taxes ($49 value)

​Total value: $492

​Regular Price: $295

Today: $245 (17% OFF)


Taxpayers Rights Mastery Course

(For US Taxpayers & Tax Pros)

Ask yourself this...

  • Are you burdened with the tax debt of a current or former spouse?
  • Have you just received an IRS computerized or "correction" notice?
  • Are you in danger of having your property seized?
  • Has your tax return been selected for an audit?
  • Is the IRS knocking on your door?

If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, you're not alone: more than twenty-five million taxpayers are faced with the terrifying prospect of dealing with audits, assessments, or other IRS problems every year. But with all the courses devoted to how to prepare your taxes, there's never been one that explains how to get yourself out of trouble easily, legally, and inexpensively—until now. With the Taxpayer Rights Tax Mastery Course, veteran tax expert Dan Pilla offers the first comprehensive guide to dealing with the most common IRS problems taxpayers confront, from face-to-face audits to fraud penalties. Pilla's course is an indispensable preventive tool for all who file their own taxes—and a necessity for anyone who's just received a notice that the wolf is at the door.


5 Part Video Course

  1. The Five Most Important Rights Every Citizen Needs to Know
  2. How to Handle Troublesome IRS Correspondence
  3. How to Cancel Tax Penalties
  4. Surviving the Tax Audit—Audit-proofing Your Tax Return and Appealing Audit Decisions
  5. How to Cancel Interest

Rating: 5 out of 5


  • 12+ Hours of Exclusive High-Level Tax Resolution Mastery
  • 12 IRS Approved Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)
  • Companion lecture notes

​Regular Price: $995

Today: $795 (20% OFF)


Taxpayers Defense Conference 2020 (For Tax Professionals)

Each year since 1993, Daniel J. Pilla has presented the nation’s leading seminar for tax professionals, the Taxpayers Defense Conference. Designed specifically for tax pros in the business of helping taxpayers solve IRS audit, appeal and collection problems, Dan reveals the latest on exactly what to expect from the IRS and exactly how you can best help your clients weather the latest storm. To serve your clients in the best possible way, you need to know how to protect and defend your clients. That’s where the Taxpayers Defense Conference comes in.


Taxpayers Defense Conference 2020 includes the following sessions PLUS 12 CEUs:


The Broken IRS
This session addresses the current condition of the IRS in light of COVID-19 shut downs and force reduction. Focus will be on work-arounds when dealing with the Collection and Appeals functions.


Holistic Tax Resolution Strategy 
This session presents a broad, holistic “systems engineering” approach to tax resolution. Using checklists and flowcharts, we analyze all the essential “issue spotting” considerations to review when a new client comes in.


Emergency Measures to Stop Collection
This session identifies and explains the three emergency measures to stop enforced collection. This session includes an analysis of the statutory levy exemptions and how to assert them. This session also includes a discussion of claiming a refund for wrongfully levied property. 


Understanding the Tax Court
This session reviews the fundamentals of the U.S. Tax Court. Special emphasis is on Tax Court jurisdiction so practitioners fully understand the scope of cases subject to review by the U.S. Tax Court. This session is essential even for non-attorneys, since non-attorney practitioners regularly encounter situations in which Tax Court is a resolution option that must be recognized. In that case, non-attorneys must be prepared to bring in counsel admitted to practice in the Tax Court.


Appealing a Notice of Deficiency
This session addresses the specific procedures for challenging a Notice of Deficiency, which is the IRS’s final administrative determination that a citizen owes additional taxes. The session addresses the two specific options for judicial review of the Notice of Deficiency and builds on issues presented in the session Understanding the Tax Court.


Appealing a Notice of Determination
This session addresses the statutory procedures for challenging a Notice of Determination, which is the final determination that is issued by the IRS’s Office of Appeals in a Collection Due Process Appeal. It outlines the procedures for judicial review of a Notice of Determination and this session builds on issues presented in the sessions Understanding the Tax Court and Appealing a Notice of Deficiency.


Evaluation and Critique of Role-playing Sessions
Dan Pilla and other TFI staff review, critique and analyze each of the mock negotiation sessions. We analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each presentation, evaluate the performance of the participants, and discuss potential alternative approaches under the circumstances.


Tax Court Practice Basics
This session presents the basics of Tax Court practice and procedure, including motions practice, discovery procedures, summary judgment and remand, stipulations and agreed settlement procedures.


Understanding and Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
This session addresses essential considerations for avoiding conflicts of interest. Special emphasis will be placed on potential and actual husband/wife conflicts and conflicts arising from corporation tax issues, including especially the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty. Here we also address the Tax Court Rules of Practice regarding the process of avoiding conflicts of interest.


Ascertaining “Reasonable Fees”
This session addresses the ethical considerations encompassed in the professional responsibility to charge fees for services that are “reasonable.” Specifically, we address IRS Circular 230 governing the practice before the IRS of attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents as it relates to the charging fees.


Moderated Discussion
Group discussion of problems, questions and strategies based upon all earlier presentations. We will present and discuss hypothetical cases involving various aspects of IRS problems resolution.


Dan Pilla's Taxpayers Defense Conference is the "gold standard" for elite Tax Pro education. Get Access Now!

Rating: 5 out of 5

About Dan Pilla

Founder of Pilla Tax Academy

Dan Pilla is the world's foremost authority on the subject and practice of tax resolution. With 40+ years of experience and a competitive spirit, Dan has seen and resolved every kind of tax problem imaginable. He began beating the IRS as an 18-year-old young man, and he's been beating them ever since. 


Dan is known by many as the "father" of the tax resolution industry... and for good reason. Tax resolution practitioners around the nation have based their methods and practices off the work Dan completed in the early 80s. Nobody stays on top of the IRS and the current tax code like Dan Pilla.

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